What's new

26 Jan 2023

  • Added resources page that compiles and curates branding and logo related supply

16 Nov 2022

  • Hotlinking: for fellow developers (and designers too!), now you can hotlinking any logoipsum's logo SVG or PNG with the url:
    Change the extension to PNG, if you want PNG image. You can find the id number when previewing logo artwork page url. For example, here is the artwork page:
    288 is the logo_id, and you can simple write:
    You can also copy the hotlinking url in the action bar on the artwork page. This feature currently at: "Let's see how fast the bandwidth get drained." :P, and can be disable at any time.

10 Nov 2022

  • Localize: Localize logo using language/script around the world! Currently available in Japanese and Chinese (both are reads "Logo"). If you want to contribute, check out logoipsum.com/localize

Oct 3 2022

  • Direct link: Click link icon at end right of each logo when you hover to open it in dedicated window. It comes with direct link URL to a logo. Share to twitter or copy link and share it anywhere.
  • Stats: It was made for internal usage to see which logo more popular than others, but I decided to make it public. Although no direct link in the homepage, but you can see it at logoipsum.com/stats