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Frequently Asked Questions

Logoipsum provides free placeholder logo that you can use in your design. Use it for any of your personal and/or commercial project.

Placeholder logo is simply to-be-replaced logo that temporarily fill in the space for the actual logo. Usually being used when the logo is not ready yet. There are many similar terms for placeholder logo such as FPO (For Position Only) or Dummy logo.

Attributes, credits or link back to Logoipsum are not required although if you do I'll really appreciate it. Freely download and use all the logos, and as long as you don't use the logo to make similar website as Logoipsum then it's all good :)

You can include the logo in your product too, for example, if you're selling a branding mockup template or selling a ready-made UI design, you can include Logoipsum's logo in your design. But I suggests that you indicate that the logo is a placeholder logo, incase your customer thought it can be use for their client. Learn more about the license & usage

All the logos in Logoipsum are created by Rizal from SignalSupply. Yes, I'm selling artfully-crafted mockup and graphic. Please drop by to signalsupply.co

Not right now, we don't accept any logo submissions at the moment. We'll see about this, because it might change in the future! :)