License & Usage

All the logos (except MARK) in Logoipsum are comes with Fair Use License.

You can:

Use it on any personal or commercial project.

Modify, reconstruct and take part or whole logo.

Re-distribute the logo into the product you sell, i.e: website template, brand guideline template, example visualization for your landing page, and other product other than the logo itself and logo placeholder website similar to or Logoipsum Figma Plugin.

Re-package into another form other than website and Figma Plugin. For example: creating a React component for some or all logoipsum logo, re-package it into your library and use it for personal or open-sourcing it, is allowed.

You can not:

Re-distribute/re-package as means of creating similar logo placeholder website to and/or similar to Logoipsum Figma Plugin.

Sell the logo as it is.

Claim that you own the logo or register it or make a trademark out of it.


Permission to use and attribution is not needed.

If unsure, simply use and treat logoipsum's logo back to its designated purpose: "A logo placeholder", plus all of the "You can" points above.

Never use logoipsum logo for final logo (whether it's for your own usage, or for you clients), because everybody can do so. If you need a logo that made specifically for you, contact me and I'll help you design your unique logo :)

Free placeholder logo for your design mockup

Various SVG placeholder logos ready to download. Use it for your personal or commercial project. No attribution needed.

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