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Temporary fill the logo space with logoipsum until you have the real logo, because that top left corner doesn't looks good to be empty.

There's surely a moment when we need to explore layout or UI but we don't have name for it yet, let alone a logo for it. You stare that blank logo space with dead eyes and you start to fill it with plain square, but it doesn't look good. You start to make that square with a big X mark in it, but it just looks ugly.

All logos on Logoipsum collection are made to be abstract and flexible enough to fit with any graphic, UI, or layout style. Various logo composition can be choose if you have specific needs. Vertical logo composition, horizontal logo composition, small logo, big logo, we have it all.

SVG Logo. Yes, it's vector.

All logos are downloadable for free in SVG format. Oh wait, you don't even need to download it. Just click to copy any logo you want and paste it on your design app. Did I mention you can change the color too? Yes! Enter edit mode by clicking edit mode button on top right corner and set your color.

Using Logoipsum on your favorite design app

Click to copy the logo's svg, then paste it on Illustrator, XD, Sketch, or Figma. Or you can download the svg and place it on your favourite design app.

Frequently Asked Questions

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