On Image Format

Why SVG is better than JPG or PNG

Every image format serves it own purpose, but SVG is so awesome you could no longer ignore.

Web has been a long time flooded with bitmap image format. JPG is an image compression format created by consortium called Joint Photographic Experts Group and used its initial to create image compression format that refer to its name purposefully for photo image initially for digital camera format.

PNG derives from Portable Network Graphic, an image format that specifically used for graphic image. PNG is support transparent background while JPG/JPEG does not because of its initial purpose to serve photo image that never had transparent background. Graphic on the other hand in some cases need transparent background and PNG serve that purpose well. Also for the color space PNG support CMYK color space while JPG/JPEG does not because again it serve for photographic image that use RGB for it standard color space.

The development of web and the needs to transfer data faster has been remarkably demanded. So then SVG was born. The image format specifically used for graphic image utilized vector image format that proven to be small in data size. This gives a lot of advantages especially in the web ecosystem where data transfer is “expensive” and need to be done as fast as it can.

In the cases of placeholder image especially image placeholder, using SVG specifically for graphic type of image has been proven useful. The size is small, the page load become faster and can be inlined using its own xml type script that you can just placed it inside the html script itself. This also work well for logo. Logo is always be a graphic. Logo is a visual identity that represent one specific entity whether it business, organization, or even personal. It reflects all the identity of entity carried it.

Developing visual identity in form of logo is not an easy task. Careful planning and strategy is needed to create comprehensive logo. Logo will reflects brand. Because of its long development, sometimes to explore all the possibilities we can not wait for it to be done. That’s when placeholder logo exist. A temporary graphic that represent the logo, but not the actually logo, instead a replaceable logo. Logoipsum provide you with professional, high quality placeholder logo that use SVG format that you can use for any personal or commercial project for free. Yes, for free. Use it, modified it as you need it in your project.


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