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Placeholder Logo

How to use placeholder logo

If you’re graphic designer or UI designer, there’s must be a moment when you need to jump start a project but having a hard time waiting for the logo’s final artwork to be sent by client. Deadline is approaching fast and you need to quickly finished the work as scheduled. Usually at this scenario you will draw a blank rectangle on the top left corner or top center of your layout, and then you continue to designing the rest of the layout. But the more you see your layout the more you felt sometimes doesn’t quite feel right just because that small blank rectangle is destroying your whole layout.

You have initiative to create your won version of the logo, but then the layout must be done this afternoon and you have no time to designing a logo! No way! You start looking for any image in google image search that can be used as a logo for your layout, but then all of them looks ugly that you don’t even want to put it in your well-designed layout.

Not to worry Logoipsum come to helps you! Use any of our logo in your layout. It free, beautifully designed logo, abstract and flexible enough to fit to any layout styles, so if then the actual logo finally came, you just replace it without making your layout looks weird afterward. You can download all of our logo in one bundle or grab and go any logo you want for for project.

If you use Sketch to design website or app, just drag the logo from your web page to your Sketch artboard, without needed to download it first. It so handy!

If you are a front-end designer, you can just download the SVG, open it in your code editor and start modified the SVG script to be inlined in your HTML script. So easy no one ever complained about it!