Help Logoipsum create the logo with your local language/script. Simply send an email or tweet to Logoipsum with an example on the correct way to write "Logo" or "Logo ipsum" in your language/script. We'll put your name as a verifier, along with the logo when it get published.

Already have a ready-made logo using your local script/language?

Send your design to Logoipsum and let all the people in the world use your logo. The logo need to be literally read as "Logo" or if it possible, "Logo ipsum". Get in touch

Font designers

Are you a font designer, designing a font in your local script/language? Let us use it and you can promote your font at logoipsum.com. Get in touch

Help us correct wrong things

Currently Logoipsum have 2 localize logos in Japanese Kanji and Chinese. Let us know too if we wrote these wrong, or if you think there are better alternatives to the word "Logo" or "Logo ipsum", let us know.